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Montville & Maleny Day Trip

Montville & Maleny Day Trip

Take a drive out to the verdant green Sunshine Coast Hinterland and the charming towns of Maleny and Montville. With an average elevation of 450m, the cooler temperatures in the hinterland offer a cool change from the coast.

Maleny, Montville and surrounding areas, are mainly lush green farmlands and are rich with skilled artisans. The arts and crafts in both villages are an art lover’s delight.

Maleny has an abundance of restaurants, cafes and dining options available, both in the town and on its outskirts. Stop by at Maleny Dairies which is open to visitors on weekends or Maleny Cheese Factory which is a popular place to buy all sorts of different cheeses.

Montville is Maleny’s sister town, and the more shopping orientated of the two, with its main street lined with all sorts of different shops. Its location on the range overlooking the Sunshine Coast, makes it a popular place to stop and take photos or have a picnic lunch.

Montville is around 63 kms from Noosa and is the perfect day trip for those wanting a change of scenery.

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