Noosa River Activities | Noosa Place Resort
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Noosa River Activities

Noosa River Activities

A visit to Noosa always includes plenty of water activities on the gorgeous Noosa River.

Choose from being either on the river in a boat or watercraft, swimming in the calm waters, fishing from the shores, catching the river ferry up and down the river or playing in one of the parks adjacent.

You can hire kayaks, canoes, sail boats, standup paddleboards, jet skis or tinnies from the watercraft hire places located on the river. Book a Noosa River fishing safari with one of the local companies or a Noosa Everglades tour which takes you further into the river eco-system.

Jump aboard the Noosa River Ferry and cruise up and down the river hopping on and off where you please.

Noosa Place Resort is perfectly situated at Noosaville with the Noosa River on our doorstep. Book a Noosa Holiday Apartment with us here today at Noosa Place Resort CLICK HERE